Retreat Guest Artist Susan Fidelman

Susan Fidelman the Woman

  • An artist through and through
  • The 7th child of 13
  • BS in art
  • Mother of 2
  • Adoring grandma of 2
  • Certified belly dancer
  • Driver of mini coopers
  • Generous beyond imagination
  • Capable of painting in any medium…especially watercolor

Susan the Artist

Susan Fidelman

Susan has the gift of transporting her students to places they never thought they would travel to. She started drawing and painting by the age of 5. You should see the horses she paints. She worked as a courtroom artist and a commercial artist. She has done giant commissions. She worked as a graphic artist for the city of Denver for over 30 years, mostly at the airport. Until recently she taught lessons at Denver Parks and Recreation. She also taught at one of our local retirement communities. Hopefully she’ll be doing that again really soon.

Fall Retreat 2021- Susan

Susan Fidelman

Susan will teach all day on our first full day of the Estes Park Retreat, Monday October 20th. Whether you’re an accomplished painter or a beginner she’ll help you complete an outstanding finished masterpiece! She can do this. She shows everyone techniques but accepts differences in the finished outcomes. You will adore her as an instructor.

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