About Me

Wanda Patronella

Wanda Patronella, the Woman

  • Bachelors degree in Home Economics Education
  • Masters in Early Childhood Education
  • Art Teaching Certificate
  • Endured heat and humidity in the south for a million years
  • Taught public school for 33 to a zillion years
  • Followed my kids to Denver when I was 57
  • Enjoying a wonderful daughter who has become a doctor
  • Grateful for a son in law that loves my daughter and lil Aidan
  • Nurturing a grand as much as a Mimi can
  • Enjoying my new tiny house with a huge yard

Wanda the Artist

  • Always created…I definitely remember starting at age 6
  • Started crocheting when I was 13
  • Made purses to sell when I was in high school….lucrative
  • Designed and sold necklaces during teaching years
  • Participated in craft booths
  • Took tole painting classes back in the day
  • Started a yard art business with Nancy after retirement (stories!)
  • I paint and design almost every day
  • I teach neighbor kids art each week
  • I paint and create almost every day
  • I belong to 3 different painting groups that are friends
  • Get it? I paint and let loose almost every day
  • I took painting classes at 2 wonderful locations in Denver
  • I teach adult classes Wandi Watercolor Wine
  • Mixed media is my new THING
  • Just discovered using a gel press, so addictive
  • Collage.  Collage.